Tony Freed

User Onboarding Consulting & Training

I’ll help you avoid countless mistakes and hit your metrics.


I know what you're going through because I've been there myself...

Over the last 14 years I've been a software engineer, product manager and startup co-founder. I know exactly what you're going through and can provide you with the right solution for the right stage.

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User Onboarding Audit

Get a complete expert review of your user onboarding flow.

I find the leaks in your funnel, identify high-impact points for optimisation and give you an optimisation plan designed to reduce onboarding period churn and increase conversion and product adoption.

What you can expect

  • Funnels and screens review and suggestions for optimisation
  • Onboarding emails review and suggestions for optimisation
  • Tools suggestions
  • A prioritisation roadmap

and much more

How it works

  1. Book a Free 30 minute session
  2. I’ll conduct a product and user research
  3. You will get a full and comprehensive report and optimisation work plan

Stop losing potential customers

Let’s get your SaaS on the right track to unlock at least 25% more growth
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